Contributed to Nanotechnology Japan

Contribution on mass production technology for nanofibers

Professor Tanioka, a current officer of our company and an emeritus professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, contributed an article on mass production technology of nanofiber in “Nanotech Japan (Nanotech Japan Bulletin)”, which introduces the research results and activities of research institutes approved by  “Nanotechnology Platform Japan” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT). 

The Nanotech Japan (NanotechJapan Bulletin) is a WEB magazine that publishes review articles that overviews research and corporate trends in Japan as a whole.

Title of the contributed article

  1. Towards a New World Opened Up by Nanofibers
    1. 1 Expectations for nanofibers
    2. 2 ESD method that enables miniaturization of nano region
    3. 3 Characteristics and issues of ESD method
    4. 4 NEDO’s large-scale project to solve problems
  2. Steps to mass production of nanofibers-NEDO “Nanofiber Project” [2]
    1. 1 Nanofiber project structure
    2. 2 Goals of achieving high performance in the electrospinning method and tackling challenges [2]
    3. 3 Pursuit of nanofiber mass production technology and safety technology
  3. Leap to mass production at Zetta Ltd.
    1. 1 Discovery of new issues during mass production by trial production of the Zetta ESD method [6]
    2. 2 Creation of new spinning method Zs (Zetta spinning) method
    3. 3 Application development pioneered by Zs method [3] [6]
  4. Conclusion