Revolutionary Z-Mask is born

Eradicate the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) with the power of nanofibers!

The power of nanofibers 

  1. Capture the new coronavirus with van der Waals force (intermolecular force).
  2. Capture the new coronavirus in the water of droplets and microdroplets.
  3. Can be washed 100 times or more and maintains its performance semi-permanently.
  4. Collection efficiency is 95% or more and pressure loss is 60 Pa or less

Amazing power unique only to nanofibers (Van der Waals force)

Capture difficult-to-catch bacteria and viruses
  • Showing capturing of NaCl particles of the same size as virus
  • The effect of van der Waals force emitted by nanofibers

Captures bacteria and viruses in the water

  •  Antibacterial effect is exhibited by capturing bacteria and viruses in water
  • Capture the new coronavirus from droplets and microdroplets

Experiment of antibacterial property of nanofiber

As the water evaporated in 10 days, the strawberry wrapped in saran wrap was the largest and freshest, followed by the strawberry wrapped in nanofibers and the strawberry left unwrapped. Strawberry left unwrapped and the strawberry wrapped in saran wrap became moldy and rotten.

The strawberry wrapped in nanofibers was dehydrated but grew no moldy at all.

Nanofibers captured bacteria and exhibited antibacterial effects.

The current situation is that there are only masks to prevent COVID-19, but conventional masks have viruses attached to them after use and must be discarded daily.

As a result, a huge amount of masks are required. Since the new coronavirus exists in an aerosol (air infection), it can only be prevented by a mask of N95 or higher.

However, since masks of N95 and above use electret (static electricity), they have a fatal problem of starting to lose the static electricity and virus collection ability in a few hours with a moisture from breath.

For these reasons, medical personnel are being infected one after another.

Although masks are mass-produced all over the world, the collection efficiency drops significantly within a few hours of use.  Because they are disposable, they are not widely distributed to medical personnel who need masks due to buying up or price gouging.

-Mask Vs High Performance Mask (PM2.5 Countermeasure Mask / N95 Mask)

Z-mask (performance when the fiber diameter is 100 nm or less)

[PM2.5 countermeasure mask / N95 mask]

Z-mask (performance when the fiber diameter is 100 nm or less)

  1. Easy to breath
  2. Usage time     semi-permanent
  3. Hand wash (gentle pressing down) can be done 100 times or more
  4. 100% virus removal
  5. Completely prevent aerosol (airborne infection)
  6. Nanofiber captures and won’t release the virus in droplets and microdroplets

Usually high-performance mask (performance with fiber diameter of MeltBlown 3 μm)

  • Hard to breathe
  • Usage time: several hours (static electricity disappears)
  • Hand washing it (by gentle pressing down) will eliminate its static electricity, and it cannot be reused.
  • The virus cannot be removed
  • Aerosol (air infection) cannot be prevented
  • Aerosol is generated when droplets and microdroplets are dried.

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