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Zetta is the first company in the world to successfully manufacture nanofibers without using organic solvents or high voltage.

The innovative production method has increased the product output more than 10,000 fold over conventional methods.  We expect that the use of versatile polymers such as PP, PE, and PET opens up the door to unprecedented and completely new applications.

Since nanofibers manufactured by the Zetta method exhibit excellent performance as masks and filters, we have received many inquiries not only within Japan but also from the United States, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, China, and other countries.

Our nanofiber filtration efficiency is 95% or higher, which is equivalent to the N95 compatible mask.  Moreover, our nanofibers have an advantage of being reusable and withstand washing with detergent over 100 times.

We are currently focusing on manufacturing masks, but as the only company capable of putting nanofibers into practical use, we’ll be expanding our market to oil recovery, high-performance concrete (AECC), prevention of blue-green algae, desert land reclamation, seawater desalination, osmotic power generation, pesticide-free agriculture, and more.  We’d like to prosper globally as a one-of-a-kind company.

Company History

Nanofibers are believed to be a revolutionary material breakthrough, and around year 2000, a competition for mass production technologies started around the world.  The most notable technology was the ESD method (= Electric field Spinning Method).  The countries advanced in nanofibers, such as the United States, Germany, and South Korea have launched and invested in large-scale national projects. However, after 20 years of efforts, they have given up on the mass production technology by ESD.

However, one national project – “Project of Advanced Function-Phenotype and Basic Technology Development for New Structural Fiber Material  (commonly known as nanofiber project)” – succeeded in establishing safe mass production technology. This project was undertaken by Tokyo Institute of Technology for five years from April 2006 to March 2011 (Document 1) (Document 2). 

When the Iraq War began in March 2003, the world’s most advanced nanofiber company, Donaldson of the United States, developed a nanofiber filter that does not clog, and proved its usefulness in special vehicles.  Donaldson has offered us to join in development of nanofiber mass production equipment.  This is one example of the high level of our technological capabilities.

Our company was established to commercialize the above technology, and we further developed the MELT ESD method (Zetta Melt ESD method), which was said to be impossible before.  This new technology can make thermoplastic polymers into nanofibers without using solvents.  It made it possible to create nanofibers from inexpensive and highly chemical resistant materials such as olefins (polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester) that are insoluble in solvents.

Then, in 2014, we succeeded in further advancing Zetta ESD method into a new spinning method called the Zetta-Spinning method (Zs Method), making it possible to mass-produce inexpensive nanofibers.  As we established the nanofiber manufacturing method that secures safety and achieves productivity of an order of magnitude higher than ever, we are confident that the spread of nanofibers will accelerate.

Primary Business

Development / manufacturing of nanofibers, development / manufacturing of functional nanofibers

Company Overview

Company Name Zetta Ltd.
Address 202-2, Tsutsui, Iyo Gun Masaki Cho, Ehime Ken, 791-3120, Japan
Date Established November 11th, 2011
Capital 1,2732,5000 Yen (Capital Reserve 9,732,5000 Yen)
Executives Board
  • Representative Director: Shunsuke (Sean) Kawahara
  • Member of the Board / Chief Technology Officer: Akihiko Tanioka (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Doctor of Engineering)
  • Member of the Board: Daison Kim
  • Masato Karube